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R-aces specializes in hosting and operating character runs and road closure races around Asia. We provide diversified services including creating & strengthening event ideas, developing & operating execution plans, approaching sponsors and promoting events.


Idea Development

An unique event will be tailor-made for you to achieve your goal.

Race Route Planning & Measurement

We can find and design your ideal route: waterfront promenade, roads and hiking trails are all possible.

Permit & License Application

All venues, permits and licenses needed for organizing public events, races, carnivals or even large-scale road closure races will be handled by us.

Marketing & PR Service

Your event will be promoted through our press network and social media to gain satisfactory exposure.

Approaching Sponsor

The most suitable sponsors will be chosen for you and further promote your event.

Event Secretariat

All inquiries and complaints from participants will be handled by our event secretariat to avoid PR crisis.

Art Design

Art Design including the key visual of the event, promotion materials, race pack items, set up items of the event day and certificate will be created for you.

Race Operation

All details of the race including race marshal, crowd control, traffic arrangement and logistic arrangement will be arranged by us.

Carnival Management

We will manage the details of the carnival, including the stage, program rundown, booth and photo backdrop.

Timing Service & Result Judgment

Timing accuracy and rigorous result verification system are essential for professional races. Our experienced timing service provider and internationally qualified judges can ensure the credibility of the results.

Risk Assessment

We will perform a risk assessment and draw up corresponding plans for you in advance.

Crisis Management

If something goes wrong when you organizing your event, we can help you to tackle the problem and make sure the event can run smoothly.